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Are You Searching For A Calgary Furnace Cleaning Company?

Calgary Furnace Cleaning – The vast majority of homes in Alberta use natural gas for heating and forced air systems to deliver heat throughout the home. Forced air systems use a series of ductwork that goes through your home, this ductwork should be cleaned from time to time as it does build up with large amounts of dust and debris. The efficiency of a furnace system can be greatly affected by its cleanliness, the forced air blower that is located in your furnace gets very inefficient when it has dust buildup on its fins.


What is furnace cleaning

Calgary Furnace Cleaning - Quality You Can TrustFurnace Cleaning is when your furnace is physically cleaned, typically using high-pressure air, large truck mounted vacuum systems and brushes. Today’s furnaces are very technical appliances and if your furnace is less than 10 years old it is going to have a reheat coil inside of it, this reheat coil requires cleaning at least once per year. It looks very much like an air conditioning coil, the fins on this coil will get plugged with dust over time which makes it harder for your furnace fan to get air effectively through the coil. This means that your system is going to run less efficient, have to work harder and potentially break down faster.

If you have a home with air conditioning then you have two coils in your HVAC system, both of these coils require cleaning on a regular basis to keep them working efficiently. In the case of an air conditioning coil if it is left uncleaned not enough air will be able to pass through the coil to remove the cold that is building up and will cause the air conditioner to turn into a block of ice and stop working altogether until it melts. This is a common problem with furnace systems that are not properly maintained.

If you live in a home that has a high level of humidity you can get a mold buildup in the ductwork if it is not taken care of. Calgary furnace cleaning companies will offer to spray a product that is designed for HVAC systems and will kill mold.


Calgary Furnace Cleaning and Allergies

Your furnace system and related ductwork are essentially the lungs of your home, all the air that is circulated through your house will run through this system. It is very important to maintain a regular filter Exchange program and cleaning to keep this system in tip-top shape. Dust, pollen, pet dander, rodent feces and other allergens are often found in ductwork, regular Furnace Cleaning and duct cleaning procedures will remove these particles by contact cleaning. When you combine this with an upgraded air filtration system people that have allergies or asthma usually will get relief from this process.

Furnace Cleaning Technique

There are a number of different techniques that are used for the Calgary furnace cleaning process, most professional companies will use a combination of high-pressure air and a truck-mounted vacuum system. A lot of vacuum is required for the Furnace Cleaning process so that dust and debris are not spread through it the home during the cleaning. If the company does not have a strong enough vacuum system the high-pressure air can overpower the vacuum and allowed dust to be spread throughout the house. Make sure whatever company you decide to hire has the proper equipment to do the job right.


Check your furnace and duct cleaning companies credentials before hiring them.

Another tip before choosing to hire a company is to check to see if they are NADCA certified, NADCA stands for National Air Duct Cleaners Association and it means that the technician’s performing the job on your home will have had an adequate level of training to perform the service correctly.  

Don’t get caught in a Duct Cleaning Scam

There are many individuals who claim to be professional furnace cleaners, most have not had any training whatsoever and will offer pricing that seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Many companies will use a bait-and-switch technique where they will offer a very low upfront fee, but once in your house, many other fees will be added on for extra vents, fuel surcharge, waste material handling, Etc…

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