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What Is Furnace And Duct Cleaning?

Camrose Furnace Cleaning – Your furnace and the ductwork throughout your hoCamrose Furnace Cleaningme act as the homes respiratory system. It will provide air for all areas of your home, is that air is clean or dirty is up to you. your furnace system is constantly sucking in air from the outside through a fresh air intake. That air can be full of contaminants such as allergens, dust, bacteria, and debris. Your furnace requires fresh air to operate properly, in the air that’s in your home is constantly circulated by your furnaces blower fan,  If this air is not properly cared for it’s just going to distribute all these contaminants on a continuous basis.

Camrose Furnace Cleaning – How Is It Done?

Furnace and duct cleaning is the process of removing these contaminants through source removal. This means that professional technicians will use high-pressure air, brushes, Viper whip systems, skip lines and rags to physically remove all dust and debris from your furnace and ductwork. the process is pretty straightforward but you do have to have the proper skills and equipment to perform this job correctly.

There are no rules and regulations for becoming a duct cleaner, and we think this is wrong but it is the law in Alberta. Some things that you can watch out for make sure that you’re getting the highest quality of professionals is that they have a business license, proper general liability insurance, workers compensation coverage and that their company is certified by NADCA.



NADCA  stands for National Air Duct Cleaners Association and they are a regulatory body that trains companies and technician on how to properly, safely and effectively clean HVAC systems.

Don’t Get Caught In Bait And Switch Pricing

Here at Camrose Furnace Cleaning, we use a flat rate pricing system, the customer will know exactly how much they are going to pay before we ever arrived at the job. Don’t get scammed with bait and switch style pricing, if the price looks too good to be true it probably is.

Cleaning your furnace is very important for its continued operation, a clean furnace will operate much more efficiently and safely. Newer furnaces are filled with controls and sensors that must be kept clean so they work properly, a newer furnace is also going to have a condensing coil located above the furnace’s blower, this coil can become plugged with dust overtime or even right after construction. too much dust in the condensing coil and your furnace will not be able to process as much air as it should, resulting in lack of heat and potential breakdowns.

furnace and duct cleaning is a great investment in your home if the service is performed correctly. Your furnace should be cleaned every year and your ductwork every two to three years depending on your situation.

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