Exhaust Hood Cleaning Edmonton


Exhaust Hood Cleaning Edmonton – Make sure you use certified exhaust hood cleaning companies. Is the kitchen at your restaurant clean and safe or does it just look clean?


Exhaust Hood Cleaning EdmontonThe National Fire Protection Association fire officials and insurance companies all stipulate that you must meet code for the entire hood, duct and fan system and it must be cleaned and maintained by a certified Exhaust Hood Cleaning technician on a regular basis.  Some restaurant managers and owners make the dangerous mistake of hiring hood polishers, who are hired hands who don’t know or blatantly choose to ignore established exhaust hood cleaning codes.

Hood polishers make the parts you can see shine while ignoring the inside parts you don’t see the places where real problems develop their failure could mean a big problem for you in terms of fire protection. A fire could cause damage to your facility and it could cause insurance cancellation, injury, or even death costing you in fines that might force you to close your business down for good.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Edmonton

A1SCS provides the highest quality kitchen and restaurant exhaust hood cleaning services, we provide safe, legal and completely thorough cleaning of your hood duct and fan system. A1SCS has trained professionals who clean and certify your entire system from down in the kitchen to up on the roof and most critically all the dangerous hidden places in between. From the hood to the filters to the plenum to the duct system to the fans. If a hood polisher doesn’t know what your fan or your roof looks like they’re probably not providing you with any protection against the prospect of a fiery disaster.

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A1 SCS uses its proprietary state-of-the-art systems to literally show you in advance what needs to be done per code you have a record of before photos after photos and a detailed report this allows you to manage your maintenance and share important data with the very officials who make critical safety decisions to approve, decline, fine or even close down a restaurant. This same evidence and data can even potentially cut insurance costs that’s a much better way to save than cutting costs with a hood polisher that charges less for shoddy unsafe incomplete work that could cost you your entire business. With A1 SCS you get one hundred percent of the service you need and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Edmonton

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