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Furnace Maintenance Is The Secret

Furnace Maintenance And Tune-Ups What is the secret to have in your furnace last a long time and perform at its highest level? The answer is simple, regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups. Living in Canada means you’re going to use your furnace a lot. We have a very long heating season and making sure that your furnace is in Peak working order is very important. Regular furnace tune-ups can save you from expensive repair bills and no heat emergency calls in the middle of the night.

Having a furnace maintenance program where a company will come out and check your furnace, air conditioner, heat recovery ventilator, hot water tank and any other component of your HVAC system is very affordable and offers many benefits in the long run.

Why furnace maintenance?

There are a number of reasons why you want to have your furnace looked at on a yearly basis, here are a few:

Save energy and money: I clean and well-maintained furnace system including furnace cleaning will operate more efficiently and use far less energy than one that has not been properly taken care of. Having Home Pros group clean your furnace system and perform basic maintenance will keep your furnace system working at peak efficiency.  It will also decrease your carbon footprint. Save money and save the planet sounds like a win-win to us.

Prevent costly breakdowns: More than 90% of the furnace repair calls that come in are related to a poor maintenance record. Avoid maintaining your furnace system and you will end up with emergency costly repairs.

Increased comfort: Your furnace system not only provides you with heat, it can provide you with your humidity, air conditioning, and air filtration. if your system is not working properly one of these components might not be working either decreasing your level of comfort in your home.

Longer HVAC lifespan: Furnace system that is properly maintained and taken care of will be able to take care of you longer. Just like your car if you didn’t change the oil every 5000 km your car might break down, this will lead to your car not lasting as long. The same goes with your furnace HVAC system, maintain it and it’ll provide you with the years of service, ignore it and it’ll break down much sooner.

What type of furnaces do we service?

Home Pros Partners service all makes and models, it can be a new furnace or an Old Furnace it doesn’t matter we will look at them all. The service trucks are always stocked with as much variety of furnace parts possible so that we can fix the furnace while we’re there without running for parts. Most major manufacturers include maintenance requirements to stay within their warranties, we will follow their suggested maintenance program so that you are covered.

What is covered in a furnace maintenance program?

  • The burner assembly is checked and cleaned
  • The furnace blower  assemblies operation is checked to make sure for proper air flow
  • The gas valve is checked for proper operation and calibration
  • All electrical components are examined for damage or corrosion
  • In total there are over 23 different checks that are performed by our service technicians during a routine furnace tune-up

All in all a regular furnace tune-up or maintenance program will give you the Peace of Mind in knowing that your furnace system is going to work when you need it to. It’s affordable, can reduce future repair bills, decrease your energy bill and allow your furnace system to last for many more years.