Home Pros Group is really a professional service, we’re fully insured and bonded.
Equipment and Supplies:
Home Pros Group supplies all cleaning equipment and supplies.
Our Affiliates don’t smoke, drink or eat while in your house. They don’t watch television, take part in listening the radio or other digital equipment. They’re there for just one reason …to
wash your house.
We normally operate in groups of 2 or solo affiliates. From time to time our teams include more people.
Payment arrives at the time of services. We accept cash,
cheques, Visa/ Mastercard. Payment is necessary prior to service. While payment on completion for just one-time jobs might be created using any option above we do need a major charge card on file to schedule service. For your benefit we present an choice to pay online using Paypal or major charge cards through our website.
Pets and Plants:
We’re pet friendly but thank you for help in making a sure pets are guaranteed and safe on cleaning days. Our office should be advised with any special needs in safeguarding your pets. Because of the personal care that plants require we aren’t able to maintain them.
Our cleaning teams follow our standard cleaning record as well as specific instructions around the worksheet personalized for your house. Please tell us a minimum of 48 hrs ahead of time for just about any additional needs.
Please make certain our cleaning team can access your house on cleaning day. The majority of our clients give us a key. Customers’ keys are stored
guaranteed and aren’t mounted on any title, address or any other determining information.
Security Sensors:
If your house is outfitted
with a security alarm, make sure it’s within an off or unarmed position just before our arrival.
Schedule Changes:
Should you
require a reschedule or skip your family cleaning day, we appreciate a 48 hour notice. As not able to go in the house upon arrival it might be essential to assess a lockout fee of $45 to pay for expenses. Lockout costs are $65 throughout holiday days. Service indication calls are just designed for clients with wavelengths of each and every 4 days or even more.
Arrival Window:
We remember to satisfy the specific arrival time you’ll need but standard practice is perfect for a couple hour arrival window to permit unpredicted delays for example traffic of extended time on earlier job.
To prevent accidents, it might be useful to secure belongings, memorabilia, etc. We limit our liability for breakage to no more than $100 if you have breakable products of significanty greater value we request that you simply secure them or advise for a moment let us clean them accepting our limited liabilty.
Don’t leave young children unwatched where they might get access to cleaning utility caddy. Some cleaning utility caddy are dangerous if ingested.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
For normal scheduled clients with ongoing service if our cleaning isn’t completed to your satisfaction please inform our office within 24 hrs and we’ll gladly return and proper the issue. We all do send a digital comment card after each cleaning for your benefit and do appreciate all feedback.
Note: One-time jobs done per hour don’t be eligible for a this guarantee.