Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show

Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show  What is Crack the Code?

Crack the Code is a free game that Home Pros Group is bringing to the Fort McMurray Spring Trade show which allows contestants a attempt to correctly guess a seven digit code on a security pin pad and if guessed correctly they will win $100,000.00 dollars. Home Pros Group has taken out special insurance that will allow this contest to run a second time if a winner if a first winner is announced.

Here are the steps to Crack the Code – Found at the Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show

  1.  People attending the Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show that are over 18 years of age are to approach our trade showbooth in the concourse area 523 where a Home Pros Group Staff member will take their information (listed below) into our computer system.
  2. Once contestants information is entered into our computer system our staff member will give a ticket to the contestant that they will take to the Home Pros Group booth 166 – 168 in Hall B. This ticket will have their name and phone number listed on it.
  3. The contestant will give the ticket to our security official at the booth who will then place it in the daily draw bin.
  4. The contestant will then be asked if they would like to make a donation to our sponsored charity’s, if they do decide to make a donation their money will be placed in the donation bin and the contestent will be rewared with a second chance to enter the correct digits into the pin pad.
  5. The contestant is now ready to step up to the security pin pad with the Home Pros Security Officer and enter their seven digit code into the pin pad. If the correct number combination is entered the machine will go crazy with lights and siren to announce the winner.
  6. One hour before closing time of the trade show we will make a daily draw from all the contestants of the day for a instant prize that vary from maid services, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning and home security services.
  7. Home Pros Group has taken out special insurance that will allow this contest to run a second time if a winner if a first winner is announced.

Fort McMurray Spring Trade show – Required contest information entered into the Home Pros Group Database:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address


The Following rules apply to the Crack The Code game to be offered at the Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show

WARRANTIES: Each contestant will input a SEVEN digit number into the visible vault terminal, as supplied by EPA Ultimate Concepts Inc.

  1. Only the first successful attempt at breaking the ‘secret code’ shall qualify for an award.
  2. A malfunction in the operation of the visible vault terminal shall negate the responsibility of the Insurer to award the Insured amount. If it is discovered that any of the digital, mechanical and/or computer components of the visible vault have been tampered with in any way this policy will become null and void.
  3. A security sealed envelope provided by EPA Ultimate Concepts Inc. (EPA) to the Insured, containing the ‘secret code’ shall remain unopened for the length of this agreement. In the Event of a potential winner this envelope must be returned to EPA unopened, altered or tampered with.  If the envelope shows any signs of being tampered with, then EPA at its sole discretion can deny a claim, on behalf of the Insurer. Only after the policy period and there are no claims against the policy, can the Insured open the envelope to verify the winning ‘secret code’.
  4. Employees and immediate family members of the Insured are ineligible to participate in the challenge.


REPRESENTATIONS: The statements in the Declarations are material to the acceptance of the

Risk and are declared by the Insured to be true. This policy is issued in consideration of such statements and the payment of the premium. By the acceptance of the Policy, the Insured agrees that it embodies all agreements existing between the Insured and the Insurer or any of its agents relating to this insurance.

EXCLUSION: This policy does not apply to any claim arising out of fraud, collusion, dishonesty or misrepresentation.

CONDITIONS: This Insurer shall have the right and opportunity to make such investigation as it shall deem necessary of any claim and the Insured shall co-operate with the Insurer at all reasonable times, its books and records pertaining to said claims.

ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments of interest under this policy are not allowed.

INSURED REQUIRMENTS AFTER LOSS: Upon the occurrence of the claim to which this policy may apply, the Insured shall:

  1. Notify the Insurer by fax within two (2) business days after the Covered Event. Failure to notify the Insurer by fax within two (2) business days will result in a denied claim and the Insured will have no recourse against the Insurer.
  2. A complete Claim/Release Form must be received by EPA within seven (7) days, in order to receive the prize insured. Claim and Release™ form must be used and accurately completed by all persons required by this policy declaration. Failure to provide all the information as requested will delay any claims processing and could result in a denied claim at the sole discretion of the Insurer.


  1. If the Insurer is forced to defend any action brought against it by the Insured as a result of denial of a claim made against this policy declaration then the Insured shall agree to pay any and all legal costs incurred by the Insurer in defending this action if it is ruled that the Insurer is not liable. Any action brought against the Insurer by the Insured shall be done in the jurisdiction designated by the Insurer only.
  2. Claim up be completed during the 2013 Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show

This contest is only running during the Fort McMurray Spring Trade show

The Fort McMurray Spring Trade Show is presented by: Fort McMurray Tourism