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Our outstanding record reflects our dedication to creating a culture of safety. Everyone from the boss to employees at each job site, safety awareness is definitely an integral component in any endeavor we undertake. Home Pros Group , staff people and work partners share a readiness to uphold high safety standards, which will help us supply the most secure and best work atmosphere possible. Our insurance experience modifier rate (EMR) has in the past been well underneath the national average and it is suggestive of our resolve for safe practices in everything we all do. This lower EMR enables us a putting in a bid advantage and signifies an expense-savings to the clients.

Home Pros Group Safety Objectives include:
•Promoting the security and well-being of every worker in the Home Pros family.
•Eliminating personal injuries in line with the thought “injuries-free” projects can and really should occur.
•Encouraging strategies for enhancements to safety throughout the organization and every project.
•Establishing individual responsibility for that safety program on each project that will reach all levels, such as the labor force.
Our managers and crew leaders are definitely the heart of our safety team. They have the effect of accident prevention and decrease in on-the-job injuries. We feel that success in accident reduction is based on preparing in advance. At Home Pros Group, we remember to cultivate an optimistic safety attitude at each level. Home Pros Group’s Safety Program is made for active participation through the entire project team. The organization Safety Supervisor provides tech support team and training.

Important Elements in our Program include:

•Involvement of crew.
•Belief that the safe job is really a productive job.
•Use of the full-time Safety Educator to help the project team.
•Company safe practices manual.
•Drug and alcohol testing program.
•Recognition program (Project Superintendent and Foreman levels).
•Incentive program (Worker Incentive).
•Supervisor, foreman, and worker training programs (First-aid, CPR, Competent Person, OSSA, CSTS, Niche Equipment, etc.).
•New-worker orientation and training.
•Accident and injuries confirming system with follow-up corrective measures.
•Jobsite Hazard Analysis (JHA) for those major work phases.
•Site-specific Safety, Health, Injuries and Illness Prevention Program.


•Frequent critiques of jobs by our Management Team people.
•Documented, weekly tool-box safety conferences.
•Daily pre-work conferences to pay for the job tasks, connected hazards, work methods, equipment, and needed PPE.
•Safety honors presented throughout tool-box conferences and released in company e-newsletter.
•Safety training provided relevant towards the project scope of labor.
•Work plans that contain safety training and planning.
•Safety Breach/Misconduct Enforcement Program.
•Company-wide project safety award program.
•Partnering and coordination using the client for job-wide safe practices efforts.

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