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Morinville Furnace Cleaning Morinville Furnace Cleaning – When is the last time you had your furnace cleaned? Do you even believe it’s important to have it done? Many people think that Furnace Cleaning is a waste of money, nothing could be further from the truth. Maintaining your furnace system is one of the best investments that you can make both into your home and your health.

Did you know that we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors? and we use our furnace systems approximately 8 months out of the year and all year long if we have air conditioning or we’re trying to filter our air. The HVAC system is probably the most important appliance in your house today, it keeps you warm or cool, humidifiers your air, and filters your air.

What Happens When A Furnace Can’t Breathe

As a homeowner you should be changing your furnace filter at a minimum of every 2 months,  if you neglect to change your air filter it will build up with a large amount of dust and not allow air pass through it very easily, this leads to many problems. Lack of airflow is usually noticed by the homeowner when they start to complain that a few of their room are cold, the rooms that are usually affected first are the ones furthest away from the furnace system.  The second most common reason people notice that their filter is plugged is at the furnace itself stop working. Furnaces are filled with different sensors for safety reasons, lack of airflow is one reason that a furnace will shut itself off, this will lead to an expensive repair bill that was probably completely unnecessary.

Even if you have been a good homeowner Change your filter on a regular basis your furnace is still going to get dirty. if you own a newer furnace system it will have a condenser coil in it just above the furnaces blower motor, this condenser coil is much like the coil you see on an air conditioning system and it will get filled with dust. This will lead to a lack of airflow, your furnace will work harder, less efficiently and eventually break down if this coil is not kept clean.

What To Look For In A Morinville Furnace Company

So you decided to call in a Morinville furnace cleaning company, what should you expect?  For starters, you want to make sure that the company you called in is qualified to perform this service. there are no laws in Alberta the prevents anyone from starting a furnace cleaning company, but there are organizations such as NADCA the train and certify air duct cleaning technicians.  Beyond making sure that the technicians are qualified and competent perform the service you also want to make sure that the company you hire has the proper business license, general liability insurance, and workers compensation coverage.

The furnace cleaning process is relatively simple, technicians will bring in a variety of hand tools including brushes, rags, Viper with systems, and Skip lines. They combine these hand tools with truck-mounted high-pressure air systems end high-velocity vacuum systems.  the technician will clean your furnace blower, the furnace cabinet, the burner assembly, the condensing coil, and the front of the furnace.

What If Hired For Both Furnace and Duct Cleaning?

If you hired this company to perform duct cleaning at the same time then they will have to cut large 8-inch holes into the supply and return main trunk lines. They will cover all the vents in your home both supply and return to increase the amount of suction that they will get from the powerful truck mounted system, next they will go to every event in your home and using high-pressure air, a Viper whip system, and Skip lines they will proceed to clean all of these lines down to the main duct trunk lines in the basement. Once the technicians are satisfied that they have done an excellent job cleaning your heat and Supply runs they will clean the main trunk line back to the furnace itself where the vacuum system is hooked up and pulls any dirt and debris out to the truck.

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