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Pet Odor Removal

Pet urine removal

Love Your Pet’s Not Their Odors.

Here at home Pros we know that you love your pets, we love our pets too but the family test is sometimes your carpets worst nightmare. Even pets that are very well behaved can have the occasional accidents indoors, or they get sick or throw up hairballs on your carpets and furniture. If you notice them it’s best to clean these things immediately so that they do not set in, if they are not treated it can cause damage to your carpets and furniture.


A lot of the time this carpet stain is associated with an older. What happens is if it is urine it will soak your underpad, dry and crystallized there but continue to smell for years. Even if this accident happened a long time ago don’t give up, pet stains can often be removed,  if you hire a company that has the right experience in the right equipment to get the job done. Stains that are older, larger and deeper often require more extensive work for a thorough removal.

Pet Urine Removal

If your pet has an accident on the carpet today, the best thing to do is to soak up the stain using a white paper towel, or cloth towel. Do not scrub the fibers,  this can cause permanent damage to your carpet that cannot be repaired. You want to apply pressure to the paper or cloth towels, this is easily done by standing on them and walking around. The added pressure will help soak up any urine that is made its way down into the carpet pad. When the pad is compressed it will release the urine which will be soaked up by the towels.

A good pet training tip is to take any urine-soaked papers and place them in the pets designated bathroom area, this will alert your pet about the proper place to use the washroom. If your pet has chosen your bed as their washroom area, after cleaning up the mess you might want to cover the bed with vinyl well you retrain them. Pets will tend to go to the washroom in the same area where they can smell their urine or feces from the last time they went to the washroom.

Let us take care of the problem for you by performing at General carpet cleaning and a pet odor removal At the same time.