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low water pressureLow water pressure can be caused by numerous things, it can be extremely frustrating and it’s not always obvious how to fix it. You are going to need the help of a professional plumber who will track down the cause of your problem and repair it. Here are some of the main causes and reasons for low water pressure:


Common Reasons For Low Water Pressure


There is always going to be different types of sediment and minerals that will coat the inside of all water pipes, eventually, this leads to lower water pressure due to a clogged. If your water pipes or fixtures are filled with sediment you are going to need to have a pipe cleaning service performed. If you’re only experiencing low pressure off of one particular area then this is likely the problem. If you’re experiencing low water pressure throughout the house it is something completely different.

Too many faucets using the same small pipe

Sometimes low water pressure can be contributed to having many faucets being supplied by the same under-sized water pipes. If you’re trying to have a shower and somebody is doing a load of laundry and both of these systems are running off the same small undersized water pipe you might experience low water pressure. The simplest solution to this problem is to call a professional plumber and have them replace the smaller water pipes with the correct size.

Water valves that are partially shut

If you noticed that you have low water pressure consistently throughout the house, he can mean that you have a water valve that is faulty or partially shut. This problem is usually fixed quite quickly by replacing the water valve or fully opening it.

Low water pressure when using hot water

Do you notice that your water pressure drops when you’re using hot water as opposed to only cold water? You might be experiencing a faulty water pressure valve which is located on the appliance.  it might be fixed simply by opening the valve further, or it is possible that you have a high hot water demand and the pipes on the hot water heater are too small to supply it.

Dreaded water leaks

If you experience a sudden drop in water pressure this can indicate that you have a water leak somewhere. This should be considered an emergency situation and be taken care of immediately. Water is extremely damaging and the leak Must Be Stopped as soon as possible. Look for signs of water that might be pulling in areas. The toilet that is constantly running can also cause a drop in water pressure. You might need to shut your water off at the water main, you can follow this quick guide on how to do that. Immediately call a plumber. How To Shut Off Your Main Water Supply

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