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Water leaks in your home or business are extremely stressful. Water is one of the most damaging elements that we face in our homes. If you have a water leak you want to get it fixed fast and correctly.

If you are  experiencing a water leak call us now: 1-844 9 ALL PRO

Water leaks are not a situation where you can wait and take care of it when you have time, this is something that you have to act on immediately. If you have a water leak call us and let us know the followingwater leak repair

  1. You have leaking water
  2. You are on the site
  3. You need emergency priority


Knowing how to shut your water off can save you thousands of dollars in damage

Read this short article about how to shut your water off at the source and stop a plumbing disaster. plumbers will use this exact method when they first get to your home if you haven’t already done so.

Shut off any electrical sources that are in the area of the water leak. Use Extreme Caution when performing this task!

Water and electricity do not mix, you need to be extremely careful if there are sources of electricity anywhere near an area that is flooding. If it appears to be safe and you feel confident in turning the electricity off then proceed with caution. If this is something that you do not feel comfortable doing, leave the electricity as it is and get out of the area.

Water is Far and Away the most damaging thing that we can face as a homeowner, more homes are destroyed or damaged every year due to water than any other element. it is a good idea every year to make sure that your sump pump is working in the basement, and check the house for any hidden leaks, like under counters. If you notice discoloration on your ceiling this is a sure sign of a water leak behind the wall. Call in a professional plumber to source the cause of the leak and stop it in its tracks.

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