To clean or not to clean your new carpet?

Often new clients inform me that their carpet salesman (or perhaps a friend) told them never to clean their carpets before you absolutely must. “Once you clean your carpeting, it will get dirty faster," they say.
The simple truth is – Before the technology of steam cleaning carpets and rugs were generally shampooed only and since there was no rinsing of the carpet with this method; dirt would cling to the deposits left behind within the carpet. So there was some value to the myth up until they perfected dry foam shampoo which in turn drastically reduced the residue problem.

Does Cleaning your carpet leave a residual detergent behind?

Even though rinsing is part of the cleaning process there are several inexpensive cleaning agents on the market that (when improperly used) can leave a sticky residue within the carpet after cleaning. However many of these cleaning agents are associated with rental machines.

Provided that a carpet has been cleaned with specialized (non-residual) cleaning agents and getting completely rinsed, rapid re-soiling (brought on by cleaning) should never be a problem.
Regarding carpet sales people; there are also two other facts to bear in mind: Carpeting that is not cleaned will have to be swapped out earlier. Maintaining carpet properly can double its life.

Are carpet sales people giving proper advice?

Are these reasons some carpet sales people are passing out this very bad advice? “The sooner people ruin their carpeting, the sooner they"ll buy more," seems to be their reasoning.

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FYI: Home Pros Group Carpet Cleaning only uses the very least residual cleaning agents available and post cleaning of your carpets there is essentially zero cleaning agents left behind.

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Stephan Laviero · January 26, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Usefulinformation shared..Iam quite happyto read this sign thank you for giving us wonderful info.Wonderful walkthrough.

Jay the Carpet Cleaner · January 20, 2011 at 7:38 pm

I tell my customers that all of the time!

What is sold as an “upgrade” usually has very poor wear characteristics, does no respond as well to cleaning as good old nylon, and does not respond to repairs as well either.

Today I am using a product called Procyon that clinical studies show may actually have better anti-soiling properties than when new!

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