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Chimney Cleaning Services

The main purpose of contacting a professional for chimney cleaning is to prevent fires in relation to wood stoves, fireplaces and pellet burning units. As trained chimney sweeps we don’t just clean the whole chimney; we also perform a final visual inspection to make sure there are no unsafe conditions that can lead to home fires or unsafe air quality in the house.

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How frequently should you have your chimney cleaning performed?

That depends on who you ask; NFPA standard 211 says that you should have the fireplace, chimney and vents inspected every year followed by cleaning and maintenance if needed. We agree with this inspection to make sure that no animals built any nests that would interfere with the proper operation of the chimney. There could also be hidden structural damage that occurred which could also make the chimney a hazard.

“Chimney Safety Institute of America” says that if there is a ¼” buildup of soot to clean the chimney or sooner if there is any glaze present in the system. This is widely considered enough of a fuel source to cause a chimney fire capable of spreading to the home.

Chimney Cleaning Method

Our professional method of chimney cleaning and fireplace cleaning involves using our powerful truck mounted vacuum trucks that provide both the suction required and the high-pressure air that powers the whip and brush systems to clean the chimney back to safety standards. The entire firebox, chimney and end cap are all cleaned using this process from the ground. Having the power of our truck mounted vacuum and high pressure driven whip and brush we can provide a very high level of service while keeping the home very clean.

Chimney Cleaning for Safety

Make chimney cleaning a part of your home yearly safety checklist. Before you start that first fire of the year make sure that the chimney, damper and chimney cap are all free of debris and soot if they are not call Home Pros Group and schedule a cleaning before use.