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Indoor Air Quality Checkup

Indoor Air Quality Products

Over the past several years The Environmental Protection Agency has been researching the effects of indoor air pollution and is found but it’s miserably worse than our outdoor air. It doesn’t matter if we live in a big city or in the country.

Because most people spend the majority of their time indoors up to 90% the quality of this air plays a major part in a individuals health and comfort. Poor indoor air quality can put you and your family at greater risk of contracting illnesses that are difficult to treat.

Individuals who are more often affected by poor indoor air quality.

It stands to reason that the people who spend more time indoors will suffer greater from poor indoor air quality this includes our children, people who are ill and the older members of our family. In most cases removing the source of poor indoor air quality or removing the person from the property will result in the symptoms going away, but in some cases long-term exposure can cause devastating illnesses and long-term effects in the individual. People who suffer from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases are especially susceptible to pour indoor air quality.

Testing your indoor air quality

Having good indoor quality is a must, and performing an indoor air quality test is the first place to start. The professionals at Home Pros are trained, certified and have the right equipment to make sure the air in your home is safe. Our air quality consultants will leave you with a detailed report showing what is good and what needs to be looked at further. The air quality consultant will leave you with expert recommendations for improving your indoor air quality.

Improving your indoor air quality.

Making sure your home has the right amount of fresh air intakes to installing indoor air quality products such as humidifiers, HEPA filters, ultraviolet light and maintaining the cleanliness of your ductwork with duct cleaning. The professionals at Home Pros will get you back on track to having great indoor air quality.