Sherwood Park Furnace Cleaning For Home Maintenance

Sherwood Park Furnace CleaningSherwood Park Furnace Cleaning – Are you searching for a qualified Sherwood Park Furnace Cleaning company, do you even know what to look for? Most homeowners feel very uninformed on what to ask for from a service provider.

Residential furnace cleaning can take anywhere between 1 and 4 hours depending on the house, this service is not to be confused with duct cleaning.  you should always be cautious against companies that advertise that they will clean your furnace and all ductwork in a very short amount of time and for a very low fee. This service is largely unregulated in Alberta meaning anybody with a business license can really start with no other formal training required.

Beware of companies known as blow and go companies in the industry, these are people who use bait and switch style pricing to get in the door, but once in the door, the price will go way up. typically they will get you to call them based on a very low upfront fee, the charges start to add up though when they include extra vents, access panels, waste material, fuel surcharges and other ridiculous fees. These companies typically do not have the proper training required to do a good cleaning job, they will usually spend less than one hour in your home and you could be charged as much as $600.


What to expect from a Furnace Cleaning

Albertans typically think of furnace and duct cleaning when they booked a Furnace Cleaning call, this is a much larger job than simply Furnace Cleaning. When your furnace system is cleaned it includes the furnace blower, the furnace cabinet, the heat exchanger, the burner assembly and most importantly in newer furnaces the condenser coil. If you have air conditioning in your home then that coil requires cleaning also. When you have a duct cleaning service performed this means that you will also clean all the furnaces related ductwork both the supply and return vents, the main trunk lines, and the furnace plenum.


What type of equipment is used?

A reputable furnace company is going to use a system that involves high-pressure air typically over 200 PSI and a  very high volume of vacuum, usually, this is done through a truck mount unit. There are some portable systems that are powerful enough to provide a good residential cleaning job, they will typically take a little bit longer and have to work a little bit slower to allow the vacuum time to keep up with the high-pressure air cleaning. Systems that do not use a strong enough vacuum are prone to allowing large amounts of dust to flow into the consumer’s home.  Every vent in the home should be cleaned during a duct cleaning job,  a qualified technician will use a number of different tools including brushes, skip lines, air whips, rags and more.

Sherwood Park is within Strathcona County.

As I mentioned earlier there is no direct regulation in Alberta for Furnace Cleaning, one good thing to look for is if the company is NADCA certified, this means that their technicians have been trained thoroughly to perform both furnace and duct cleaning.

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