Spruce Grove Furnace Cleaning For Furnace Upkeep

Spruce Grove Furnace CleaningSpruce Grove Furnace Cleaning – Proper maintenance and care of your HVAC system include furnace cleaning. this task should be performed once per year by a hired professional, they should clean your furnace blower, air conditioning coil if you have one, the furnace is condensing coil, the burner assembly,  The heat exchanger and the furnace cabinet itself.  Furnace Cleaning allows your system to operate efficiently, when dust and debris are allowed to build upon components inside your furnace it can cause them to work either inefficiently, much harder and potentially break down. One common break down is when your condensing coil gets plugged up, air is not allowed to properly flow through the coil, this causes a buildup of heat which can set sensors off and leave you with no heat and an expensive repair.


How to properly have your furnace cleaned

Furnace Cleaning is unfortunately on unregulated trade in Alberta. This means that anyone can get a business license and start offering Spruce Grove Furnace Cleaning services without any prior training. It is a good idea to do some research before hiring the company to perform the service, make sure that they have a proper business license, workers compensation coverage, general liability insurance have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau. As far as furnace and duct cleaning is concerned you know you are dealing with a reputable company if they are NADCA certified. NADCA provides air duct cleaners the proper training and techniques to perform a thorough furnace and duct cleaning job.

Having your furnace system cleaned every year is important mostly because of the coils that are inside your furnace. New furnaces that are considered high-efficient will have a condensing coil inside of them, it is typically located just above your furnace blower. this coil can become plugged with dirt and debris if not cared for properly. The only thing that a homeowner can really do to reduce the amount of dust that builds up on the coil is to change their filters on a regular basis. A furnace filter should be changed at least every 2 months during the heating season and every 2 months overall if you have an air conditioning system or you run your furnace fan year-round. When a condensing coil becomes plugged it makes it harder for your furnace fan to push air through the coil, this means that less heat is being taken out of the condensing coil and distributed into your home, meaning you are wasting energy.


Furnace and duct cleaning improves indoor air quality

When you call a spruce grove Furnace Cleaning company you can expect one of the key components of their job will be to improve your indoor air quality.  your furnace system is, of course, responsible for providing you with heat and cooling but it is also the main component in improving air quality. 

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