St. Albert Furnace Cleaning For Optimal HVAC Performance

St. albert furnace cleaningSt. Albert Furnace Cleaning – When choosing a service provider you want to make sure that they have all the proper licenses, certifications, Insurance, workers compensation coverage and training so that they can perform the job effectively. One good thing to look out for when deciding on a company is see if they have any duct cleaning or Furnace Cleaning training such as NADCA. the National Air Duct Cleaners Association provides two different training courses throughout the year for companies around North America. The technicians are shown techniques and equipment but allow them to perform their job at the highest level. Most companies in Alberta do not have any formal training, and unfortunately, the government does not enforce any regulations upon furnace cleaners outside of having a business license.


What are some of the benefits of Furnace Cleaning?

Are you considering having your furnace system cleaned? Have you ever thought about what some of the benefits would be of Furnace Cleaning? There are many, here are a few of the main ones:

  • Improved efficiency of your heating and cooling systems:  the main reason for Furnace Cleaning is to keep all components clean, a clean furnace will last much longer than one and that is ignored and allowed to build up with dust and other debris. The condensing coil in newer High efficient furnaces requires cleaning every year, and this is not something that a typical furnace repairman will do. The coil is located just above your furnace’s blower, it requires a great deal of vacuum and high-pressure air to properly clean it.
  • Improved indoor air quality:  your HVAC system isn’t only designed to heat your house, one of the main benefits of using a forced air furnace system is that you can also condition the air, if you have anybody in the house that has allergies or asthma they will greatly appreciate a forced air system due to this fact. Your furnace system should have a good quality air filter, humidifier, possibly an air conditioning system and an air purification system. Furnace Cleaning ensures that all these components are kept clean and working in Peak condition. If you combine this service with duct cleaning it will allow your filters to last longer without getting plugged and greatly improve your indoor air quality.


What type of equipment is used in the process?

There are many different types of systems that are truly effective when it comes to St. Albert Furnace Cleaning, the two main things to look out for though our quality high-pressure air and a large volume vacuum system. The reason for needing high-pressure air is quite obvious, we are trying to clean dust and debris through the coils and require a large amount of air pressure. The reason for high-volume of vacuum is so that the air pressure doesn’t overcome the vacuums capabilities, if it does you might end up with a lot of dust in your home,  this will negate the whole reason that you called us in the first place.

If you are looking for St. Albert Furnace Cleaning please give us a call today.