Stony Plain Furnace Cleaning For Better HVAC Performace

Stony Plain Furnace CleaningStony Plain Furnace Cleaning – Before hiring any trade you should do your homework make sure that they have the proper experiences and certifications to perform your tasks properly. Furnace Cleaning is no exception to this thought process. Unfortunately, the province of Alberta has no laws that regulate furnace cleaning companies. Anyone with the proper business license could open a Furnace Cleaning company and start offering the services right away without any additional training.

What is Furnace Cleaning?

Here in Stony Plain Alberta, we tend to get the term Furnace Cleaning and duct cleaning mixed up, many people believe that Furnace Cleaning is duct cleaning but they are two different things that are sometimes offered in one package. When you call to get your furnace cleaned it should include all components of your furnace including the furnace blower, the furnace cabinet, the burner assembly, the heat exchanger, and most importantly if you have a newer furnace the condensing coil. Cleaning the coil on any HVAC system is always the most important job, it gets plugged up with dust over time which reduces the amount of airflow that can go through it. If too much dust and debris are allowed to build upon the coil it reduces the air flow to an amount that will cause mechanical problems and air flow problems.

When you call for a duct cleaning service This truly means all the supply and return air duct that is running throw your home. Think of your ductwork as the lungs of your house, everywhere there is a duct allows air flow. it is very important to have Duct Cleaning Services performed every two to three years depending on your situation, but Furnace Cleaning should be performed every year.  Duct cleaning will definitely help improve your indoor air quality when the cleaning is performed with regular furnace filter exchanges your air quality will improve dramatically.

What equipment is used during the process?

Professional furnace companies will typically have a truck-mounted system that includes high-pressure air and a very high volume of vacuum. They will use special tools such as brushes, air whips, and Skip lines to be able to reach all areas of the Furnace. a high volume of vacuum is required because of the amount of dust that gets Disturbed during the cleaning if the company does not have a sufficient amount of vacuum this dust can be distributed into your living areas.

If you require Stony Plain Furnace Cleaning Services please give us a call.