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Caring for Upholstery – How to by Home Pros

Caring for Upholstery – How to by Home Pros   When you know how to properly care for your upholstered furniture it will remain the same as the day you fell in

Ultrasonic Blind cleaning

COMING SOON ! Our newest service. Using ultrasonic waves we are able to provide a deep, safe cleaning.

How to Remove Paint From Carpet

If you have carpet, you have most likely experienced a stain or two once in a while. Paint is one of individuals culprits and removing it can seem a mystery. Actually, paint

Cleaning Olefin Carpets

Olefin is a well-liked substance for manufactured carpet. Olefin is really a synthetic fiber. This is made of petroleum byproducts. It is well-liked in carpet manufacture. Numerous homes have nylon material in

Keep Your Upholstery Looking Great

Most people choose their own furniture since it gets the great look for their house. Whenever people bring home their own brand new living room Upholstery furniture, they sometimes do not take