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Home Pro’s Group is proud to offer the BlueAir line up of high quality air purification systems. We are now open Monday-Friday 9:00Am-5:00PM and located at 16690 113 Ave, or you can call us at 780-455-1188.


Blueair 203 Air Purification System

The blueair 203 is the smallest of the Blueair models. This model is made for rooms at around 240 ft.², it is designed so that the air comes in the back and exits out the top of the filter, this way you can put it very close to a wall not directly against it but only a couple inches away. 

The blueair filter when running is extremely quiet it has a HEPA silent mode, you do have three settings so that you can adjust the speed at which you want to clean the air but if you’re leaving on full-time the HEPA silent mode is nice because you can barely hear it operating.

Another nice feature of this design is that the cord comes out the back and runs under the unit so you don’t see it. 

Changing the air filter it’s really easy you simply open up the back and pull the filter out it has a nice arrow system that shows you the direction of the airflow and how to put the filter back in. There’s nothing to take part it’s really easy and you only need to do it once every 182 days if you are running it everyday.

It’s a good-looking filter and it’s not obtrusive and can be placed directly in the room where a person that has asthma or allergies is sleeping. This filter will take about 99.97% of particulates up to .1 microns.

In a 240 square-foot room this filter will completely exchange the air five times per hour on its highest setting. A lot of others filters on the market today don’t clean as much as you might think. 

Air Purification System One really cool thing about the Blueair filter lineup is that they all come with a filter timer so that you do not forget when to replace the filter when required. Blueair recommends that you replace this filter every 182 days if you were running it consistently. If you are not going to be using the filter you can pause the filter timer so if you’re going on vacation simply press pause when you get home turn it back on. The filter timer is portable and does not have to be in the same room as the filtration system.

Air purification systems, when combined with furnace cleaning provides an excellent Indoor Air Quality combination.