Chimney Cleaning Done Right

The number one question we get asked about chimney cleaning is are you going to make a mess? The answer is no. Our technicians must pass a quality control test and adhere to a code of conduct but it sure is a proper chimney cleaning and cleaning methods but leave your home looking as good or better than when we arrived.

Do You Make a Mess During Chimney Cleaning Services?

Let us take you through a typical chimney cleaning set up. The first thing we do with any chimney cleaning job is to prepare the work area and that includes laying down drop cloths and sealing them to the floor wherever our tools and equipment are going to run, this protects your home for many damage or chimney soot. We will also seal off the firebox at this time only allowing our vacuum hose and viper rods to go through the opening.

Proper Chimney Cleaning Equipment

Our vacuum truck is very powerful, much more powerful than simply using a shop vac. This prevents any soot from back flowing into your home. We also use a viper rod compressed air system that spins very fast and blows 180 CFM of air, this is much more effective than rods with a brush but do not spin or have air pressure. The Viper system also allows us to change the size of the brush to suit the size of your chimney.


Once we have finished your chimney cleaning we will remove all of are specialized equipment from the home, followed by any protective sheeting that we used during the chimney cleaning job. You’ll be extremely happy to see that your fireplace is much cleaner than when we arrived. In Edmonton you can call Home Pros at 780-455-1188 or go to Home Pros Edmonton for more information.