Cleaning Your Bathroom FanHave you ever looked up at your bathroom exhaust fan and noticed just how dirty and plugged it is? Well here’s a quick how-to tip for cleaning your bathroom fan.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to grab your vacuum using some of your brush attachments, simply vacuum the vent cover off tell all the dust is gone, but don’t stop there.  Behind that Dusty cover is a small electric motor that is the driving force behind your exhaust fan,  if left uncleaned a couple of things can happen. First, if the fan is dirty due to dust and high humidity it will not produce as much airflow. Secondly, if the dust buildup is so great that the motor can’t breathe it might overheat and burn out. This will lead to two things happening, 1. Smells seem to linger longer in your bathroom and 2. Your mirrors stay steamed up during hot showers or even longer after the shower is over.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Fan Has More Do Than Just Eliminating Odors

Your bathroom fan is there to do more than just remove odors from your bathroom, it’s true purpose is to remove humidity so that you don’t get mold and mildew buildup. this is a very important little fan and when it is not working correctly could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs due to mold.

If you have a Furnace Cleaning company come into your house to perform a full furnace and Duct Cleaning Service then you can ask them to use their high-pressure air to clean out this vent, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer type person here is the method I would use.

Compressed Air

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Go to your local hardware store or office supply store and pick up a can of compressed air, this highly compressed air is usually used to remove dust buildup on small fans around computers or your computer keyboard but another great purpose would be to clean your bathroom fan. once you vacuumed off all the excess dust that is on the fan cover, turn the bathroom fan on and hold the small plastic tube up to the vent cover and give it a blast of air, this will remove any light dust that is built upon the motor for the fan blades without having to remove the fans cover.