Are your clothes taking more than one cycle to dry? Is the air sensor shutting off your dryer thinking there is not enough airflow?

Is the dryer vent plugged?

Dryer vent plugged

Well, many people are going to associate this with a plugged dryer vent, but that is not always the case. More and more we are finding dryer vents that are too long between the dryer in the termination point. The code for dryer vents in Alberta is that it cannot exceed 25 feet in length, must be 12 inches above the ground, and not have any type of screen put over the termination point. Another thing to remember is every 45° bend is the equivalent of 2.5 feet of straight pipe and every 90° bend is the equivalent of 5 feet of straight pipe and this must be calculated into the overall length maximum of 25 feet.

Some dryer manufacturers will have maximum lengths that exceed the building code for particular models and in this case, the make, the model and installation instructions need to be provided to the building inspector for approval.

Make sure the dryer venting is installed to building code

So if your dryer doesn’t seem to be working properly, it might not need to be cleaned but could have too long of a venting system that would need to be looked at. Sometimes this situation can be corrected with a booster fan being installed somewhere in the dryer venting. Make sure nothing is obstructing the termination point of the dryer venting on the outside, and that the dryer termination point is more than 12 inches from the ground. when measuring how long the dryer vent is make sure you add 5’ for each elbow on the system.

35’ including elbows is the maximum your dryer vent should be

Making sure that your dryer system is up to code can be the difference between and efficiently working dryer, and an inefficient dryer system that is costing you much more and electricity to get the same job done, and can potentially become a fire hazard if the dryer is not able to exhaust all the lint to the outside of the house.

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