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Fort Saskatchewan Furnace CleaningFort Saskatchewan Furnace Cleaning – Your furnace system or HVAC equipment is vital for maintaining a consistent temperature in your home. Pretty your regular maintenance program is cleaning the furnace and ductwork to make sure that the system works efficiently and keeps your equipment in Peak condition. There are also many health benefits of a clean furnace system comment has your HVAC equipment is a common source of contaminants. Allergens, bacteria, dust, and Bri are all deposited in your HVAC equipment and ductwork which can be negative to your health.

When will you know it is time for Furnace Cleaning?

There are many indicators but will let you know it’s time to have your furnace system cleaned, but generally, you want to clean your furnace every year and your ductwork every 2 to 3 years. The amount of time between cleaning the ductwork will depend greatly on your situation and the type of furnace filters that you use.  Here are a few additional tips that will let you know it might be time to consider furnace and duct cleaning:

  • You seem to be dusting all the time
  • There is a lack of airflow at the vents
  • Your allergies seem to be acting up more than usual
  • There is a stale smell when you turn the air conditioning system on
  • There is a burning smell when you turn the furnace system on

You might require duct cleaning more often if there are smokers in the house but other factors such as pets, children, and people who have allergies or asthma are other factors on deciding how often you need this service performed.

What you should be looking for before choosing a company to perform Fort Saskatchewan Furnace Cleaning

There is a shortlist of criteria is that you should be looking for before deciding who to hire for Furnace Cleaning or duct cleaning services, they are:

  • Do they have proof of general liability insurance?
  • Do they have workers’ compensation coverage?
  • Is the company bonded?
  • Do they have the proper certifications such as NADCA?
  • Do they have a business license?
  • Does the company possess the right tools and equipment to do the job right?

How long does it take to clean the ducts?

The length of time it takes to perform this service correctly will depend on a few things such as, the size of the home, how many systems are involved, how dirty and contaminated the HVAC system is, the experience level of the technicians, and the type of equipment they are using. Any professional company should be able to give you an approximate time but it is going to take to complete the service over the phone. Generally, a single furnace home will take anywhere between an hour and a half and three hours.

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