Furnace cleaning, when should we get it done?

People don’t usually think about furnace cleaning until the fall when that first cold day happens and the furnace kicks in for the first time that year and you get that burning dirt smell. Then they call a professional furnace cleaning company who for a price will come in and clean your furnace.

Some people feel that it isn’t completely necessary to have the furnace cleaning service performed only a maintenance check up, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Furnace maintenance check ups are extremely important because you are dealing with the gas appliance, making sure that all the major components are working such as the gas valve, the flame ignitor, and relays and switches meant for safety. But cleaning the furnace will not only improve indoor air quality but it will also improve the performance of the furnace by cleaning the fan in the internal coils and then order furnaces the actual burners need to be cleaned to prevent debris from gumming them up.

Because most people wait until it gets cold out to call for furnace cleaning service it can be very busy in the waiting list can be very long. Having your furnace system cleaned during the summer months allows you to avoid that rush.

This is also a great time to check your car monoxide detector and your smoke detectors to make sure they’re performing and are able to protect you if the time ever comes. Is also a great time to change your furnace filter and check your humidifier making sure they’re ready to perform when the heating season happens.

Having a regular furnace cleaning schedule will allow your furnace system to outperform a similar system that is on maintained. Make sure you’re replacing your filters every month if you have air conditioning and at least every month during the heating season if you do not.