Our Top 5 Home Improvements For ROI

Not all Home Improvements projects are created equal, some give you a much better return than others. As a homeowner it seems that you have endless remodeling projects that you can choose from, one thing though you want to always consider is will this enhance the resale value of your house?

Remodeling your home can be very expensive and the majority of the time you are not going to get the same amount of value back out if you go to sell your house. there’s only a couple of projects that will return more than 90% of the cost of the project. Here’s a short list of projects that are going to make your home function better, look better and bring you the greatest return if you ever decide to sell.

Replace Your Garage Door

Replace Your Garage Door And Other Home Imporvements Projects For The Best ROIReplacing your garage door is a great investment for numerous reasons, the first is it an instantly improves the look of your home. if you don’t have a huge budget for improving the curb appeal of your house then this is one project that you might want to look at right away. First impressions are incredibly important if you’re trying to sell your home a new garage door create a great first impression.

A new garage door is going to be much more efficient than an older one this is due to its higher R-value rating, this will increase the doors ability to hold heat in in the winter and keep it cooler in the summer. A new garage door is also much better at reducing energy air leaks.

Long story short the ROI on a garage door is among the best Home Improvements projects that you can take on, you can expect to spend about $5,000 replacing your garage door, all the hardware, tracks etc… but it will also increase the value of your home by about the same amount.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Home Improvements | Manufactured Stone VeneerStone veneer doesn’t only look incredible, it’s durable inexpensive and relatively simple to install. It changes the look of a home in an afternoon and can make it much more marketable if you’re looking to sell. One really cool feature of stone veneer is that it doesn’t only look good on the outside of your home but the inside as well, if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom stone veneer offers a great option.

Yes, it’s true installing manufactured stone veneer is going to cost a little bit more than it would if you just put on regular siding but it is going to increase the resale value substantially at least enough to cover the cost of installing. If you’re looking to install it on the inside of your home any improvements made to the kitchen or bathroom are typically the best for ROI.

Install A Deck

Home Improvements | Install A DeckAnother great renovation or Home Improvements that can be done and has a good Roi is installing a deck. Nothing beats spending some time in the backyard during the summer months with friends and family having a barbecue or just chilling with a few drinks. If you do decide to sell your home a properly installed and designed deck will typically have more than an 80% return on investment.

Minor Kitchen Renovation

Home Improvements | Minor Kitchen RenovationKitchen renovations can be amongst the most expensive that you can do for Home Improvements, but they don’t have to be to get a good return on investment. simply replacing your plumbing fixtures, maybe a countertop or a backsplash is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. By leaving your kitchen cabinets in place and just refinishing them and putting new hardware on them will save you loads of money while making a big Improvement to the overall look. If it’s in the budget this is a good time to install a new combination cooktop/oven and refrigerator that will match the new look of the kitchen and increase your appliances Energy Efficiency.

Replace Your Windows

Home Improvements | Replace Your WindowsMost people don’t think of replacing their Windows as a good investment opportunity rather they replace their Windows due to damage and age taking its toll on the frames. Replacing your windows can be one of the most expensive home improvement projects that you might face, but it can also be one of the top projects for getting a return on your money.

Home buyers realize how important good windows are for Energy Efficiency and for the curb appeal of the home. one thing as a home buyer you’re going to want to know how long it’s going to be before you have to repair or replace the windows, so knowing that it’s just been done is a great buying feature. The new homeowner can also rest assured but they’re going to save up to 12% on their heating bills just having new windows versus those old energy leaking windows.


So there you have it, five great home renovations that will give you the most return on your investment. most of these projects are relatively easy and provide an increased curb appeal, Energy Efficiency and most importantly for this article, return on investment.