Quality You Can Trust – Expert Service Every time

Quality you can trust – This is the main phrase and statement that we live by at Home Pro’s Group, what does quality you can trust mean to us?Every time the phone rings at Home Pros the service begins, all of our people understand that our clients are what allows our company to exist.Building trust with our clients is the most important component of our company, every time you call us to perform a service we have to perform to a level that exceeds your expectations so that you trust us with the service you called for and potentially other services that we offer.Your home is where you spend at least 60% of your time, and here at Home Pros we want to make sure it’s comfortable, safe and efficient.
  • Each Service Supervisor examines every area of your house at the finish of the job. They will use a record as well as your specific work order notes when performing the check. They leave the finished record behind after every cleaning which means you are aware the home inspection has happened.
  • Quality Control Manager conducts random area assessments from the teams’ work. Every Cleaning team is audited a minimum of 3 occasions per month.
  • We request feedback after each cleaning. Use our simple but effective Quality Scorecard to supply your feedback.
  • Regardless of the new people with or without cleaning experience, they have to pass an in depth training course, including written and practical tests, to earn their “PCD” (Professional Cleaning Degree) at Home Pros Group!
  • We have mandatory bi-weekly worker training seminars to go over quality, revisit techniques, safety, and customer comments. 
  • Home Pros training center was built to keep our staff at the top of their game whether its carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, housekeeping services, indoor air quality or construction and disaster restoration services. We have in house and industry certified courses that each member of our team must complete and remain updated on.
So when we say quality you can trust we mean expert service every time!


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