Seal Ductwork For Energy Savings

Seal Ductwork

Have you ever looked at the ductwork in your basement? Is it wrapped with foil tape or better yet a duct sealant such as mastic? If it’s not, it should be, you are wasting a lot of energy by allowing the air to flow wherever it wants to.

When ductwork is not sealed it allows the air to flow where ever it wants to, this means that you could be heating or cooling spaces that are not meant to and it’s taking away from the spaces that you do want to heat or cool. This can cost you hundreds of extra dollars over the course of a year and is the number one energy waster in North America.

This is a very simple and easy way to make your home more energy efficient and any homeowner can do it.

All you need to do is pick up some good quality mastic or duct sealant and a small paintbrush.

Make sure to use a good quality duct sealant, do you want one that is flexible even after it’s dried so that you know it’s not gonna just crack allowing the air leaks will return.

When your preparing to apply the duct sealant make sure you use the cloth to wipe off any visible dust, spiderwebs or any other debris that might be on the ductwork. This will allow for a better duct sealant seal.

If you’re working in the finished area you might want to lay down some drop cloths just in case some of the duct sealant falls off the brush.

So now you want to look for any places that might be leaking, everywhere there is a connection in sheet metal it’s probably leaking.

The seams of sheet metal quite frequently leak as well, so it’s a good idea to apply duct sealant all along the seam.

Applying the mastic or duct sealant is very easy it’s just like painting, the only difference is you want to put it on in a very thick layer compared to paint.

Once you’ve painted all visible seams and other areas that look like they might be leaking air flow you’re done, allow the duct sealant to dry or cure and it will immediately start doing its job by only allowing air to flow to your conditioned areas.

Save yourself some money this winter and seal your ductwork. If you would like the help of a professional for this service please call home pros group at 780-455-1188. Home pros can pressure test your duct system before and after the sealing process and show you exactly how much energy you’re going to save.

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