Dark Green Grass – Envy of your Neighbourhood

Getting that dark green grass doesn’t have to take very long at all in fact you can get it super dark, in under 24 hours by following a few simple tips.
Another cool thing about this method is that it only takes three ingredients for the super dark grass cocktail. Those three ingredients are nitrogen, Iron and PGR. To get great results you don’t even have to use all three of these ingredients, the most important ingredient is definitely going to be iron. You can apply iron to your grass in a couple of different ways, one you can use the granular form or you can use the foliar method using the iron in liquid form.
For me I prefer to use the foliar method because applying it in a liquid form works way faster than the granular method. Whenever you’re applying anything in the granular form you have to then water it and wait for it to seep into the ground before the plant brings it up through the root system and the product can take affect, when you foliar spray some thing you’re going to see the effect right away.
Now the reason that I like to include all three ingredients is that it gets the best results and I’m already going to be spraying the iron in a foliar spray, so I might as well kill three birds with one stone and get it all done at once.
So the nitrogen is going to get your grass dark, the irons going to get your grass really dark, and the PGR is going to stunt the growth of the grass and get it darker at the same time. Win, win, win.

So how do you make this dark green cocktail?

This formula is super easy, let’s walk through the steps together.
First get yourself a large 5 gallon bucket and put 2 1/2 gallons of hot water in the bucket. Now you want to use hot water because it helps everything dissolve much quicker, you can use cold water but it’s gonna take a lot longer to dissolve the granular products.
We’re going to be using 1 gallon of water per thousand square feet so you need to measure out your lawn before you start this so you know The square footage of the lawn you were trying to treat. 

1. The first product of the cocktail that we’re adding is nitrogen, I like to use urea as my source of nitrogen as it’s 46% nitrogen and I’m adding .2 pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feetto the mix. So for me that’s 1/2 pound of nitrogen that’s going into the bucket.

2. The second ingredient of the cocktail is iron and we are using one and a half ounces per thousand square feet.

3. The final ingredient is PGR or plant growth regulator, I like to add in 5 mL per thousand square feet. This will slow down the growth so you are not cutting the lawn every few days.

Like any good cocktail maker, you gotta blend

The next step is to mix everything up as good as you can, blender bar on the end of a cordless drill comes in really handy at this point, unless you’re working on building up your forearms. Make sure to mix this up really good, you don’t want any of the dissolved product just sitting on the bottom of the bucket. 

“A handy tip is to use a strainer when you’re putting this into your backpack sprayer as there will be some sediment and you don’t want this plugging up the lines of your sprayer.”

Now before you start spraying make sure you take a picture of your lawn so you can compare the results afterwards, you can even take a small box put it out on the lawn and spray around it so you can see the difference firsthand. Don’t worry you can go back and spray the spot later.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of adding iron to your grass

Honestly, there are not a lot of drawbacks when it comes to adding iron to your grass, it’s going to turn your grass super dark green, helps fight off disease, and it doesn’t make your grass grow any faster like nitrogen does. One of the only drawbacks with iron is that it doesn’t last overly long you’re going to have to continue adding iron to your lawn about once a month to keep it that’s super dark green color. One other drawback of adding iron especially when you’re doing it foliar spray is that some types of iron can stain your concrete, so you might want to cover the concrete while you’re spraying.

I personally like using the chelated iron from feature because it does not stain concrete. Make sure you do your research on this before applying.
What happens if you over apply iron?

The chances of over applying iron to your grass and killing it are very low, but you can turn your grass extremely dark brown or even black which looks pretty strange. 

Now let’s wait a couple days

So after you’ve finished applying this cocktail to your grass, give it a couple days and then make sure that you take photos before you cut your grass and compare the results. When you cut your grass really short you are going to lose some of the color, this is just a result of having shorter grass. If you want to maintain a much darker look you might wanna consider keeping your grass a little bit longer.
So if you’re searching for the ultimate and healthy dark grass give this three ingredient cocktail a try and let me know the results.

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