Don’t Suffer Through Hot and Muggy Summer Nights!

If your air conditioner abruptly stops working,  it’s very likely you’ll be forced to pay hundreds, perhaps 1000s of dollars for unexpected fixes.

At worst, you could learn hazardous mould distributed all through your house, requiring a substantial investment in cleaning up and fixes.


More often then not in the middle of a July heat wave, our experts  have had to inform home owners their air conditioning requires significant service. This is usually a consequence of an absence of frequent servicing and cleaning

A dirty, overlooked air conditioner may place your family at significant risk:

  • It could break down entirely and leave you sweating in the heat.
  • A neglected central air conditioner can be a breeding ground for hazardous mould. These pollutants could be circulating through your ductwork affecting your family’s indoor air quality.

Common Charges for an air conditioning repair:
– Diagnostic (service call): $129
– AC leak: $279 – $910
– Replace AC condensing unit fan motor: $564 – $823
– Coil replacement: $1,359 – $1,900
– Replace AC contactor: $198 – $250


Air Conditioning Break Downs – There’s an Answer!

Protect yourself from all of these unexpected repairs whilst keeping your loved ones secure. A Home Pros Guaranteed Comfort Protection Plan is the ultimate way to get ready for almost any unforeseen costs.

As low as $.88 a day, you can receive:


  • A FREE furnace system tune-up and safety examination
  • Front-of-the-line emergency reply and repair service
  • Up to $1,000 off labour for system maintenance (as much as $2,000 if both your furnace and air conditioning unit are protected!)
  • 24/7 available service support
  • Familiar certified professionals

Furthermore, a Home Pros Guaranteed Comfort Protection Plan provides you with reassurance realizing you’re covered by a organization you can depend on, the best heating and air conditioning service provider in Fort McMurray.
To be one of our Guaranteed Comfort Protection Plan members, contact us today. Have a look at our conditions and terms to get a in depth explanation of our plans’ features and coverage.
Valuable, Personalized Services

Find out more about our furnace and air conditioning Guaranteed Comfort Protection Plans:

  • Optimum Protection
  • Advantage Protection
  • Essential Protection



Should you be considering one of our Protection Plans, make sure you contact us today and a Customer Care Specialist will help you get set up.

For Emergency Service Call (780) 804-0115

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