Laundry Room Hot And Humid

Is your laundry room hot and humid during the drying cycle?

In normal operating conditions your laundry room should not get hotter when the dryer is running, it could actually be an indication of potential problems and you should investigate.

The Main Function of a Dryer

When a dryer is functioning properly, its entire job is to remove both hot air, and humidity from the house. If you are experiencing a hot and humid laundry room, there’s a good chance. There is a problem with your dryer’s venting system.

Two quick things that you can check are to first look behind the dryer, and make sure that the venting is attached to the dryer vent system at the wall, and secondly, go outside to where the termination point is for the dryer vent system, and see if you can feel hot, humid air coming out while the dryer is running.

Four potential problems that could be causing your laundry room to get hot and humid during a drying cycle

  1. The dryer hose is disconnected from the wall or the dryer itself. If this is the case, simply pull your dryer away from the wall and make sure that the connections are reattached firmly. This is also a good opportunity to clean behind the dryer and find those long-lost socks.
  2. The dryer vent hose is damaged. The dryer vent hose is something that is often neglected and mistreated, we will often pull the dryer away from the wall for cleaning, and then jam the dryer up against the hose hard which can damage it, or even rip a hole in it, if this is the case, then you are going to want to go to the hardware store, pick up the new dryer, venting, and replace it immediately, or give us a call and we can do it for you.
  3. The dryer venting is clogged, and the system needs to be cleaned. When is the last time you had your dryer vent system professionally cleaned? Dryer vents should be maintained at least once per year depending on the amount of drying you do at home. Also, make sure that your dryer vent system does not have a screen at the termination point, this is a dangerous practice, and is against the building code.
  4. Your dryer venting is too long or has too many elbows. Dryer vent systems are only meant to be 25 feet long and this includes all the twists and turns from the back of the dryer to the termination point at the outside of your house. Every 45° elbow is the equivalent of 2 1/2 feet and every 90° elbow is the equivalent of 5 feet. It’s a good idea to measure out how far your dryer vent is and see if it needs attention, this causes a lot of back pressure and most dryers are not capable of moving the hot, humid air any further.

If your laundry room is hot and humid and you’ve tried all the above suggestions and haven’t come up with any answers or found one of the above to be the problem and need a company to come out and repair it. Give us a call at 780–932–7337 for service.

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