Laundry tips and tricks

Unless you’re still living at home with mom or using a weekly laundry service then you probably have to deal with cleaning your own clothes once in a while,not to worry we are here to help by offering a few laundry tips & tricks to make your life a little bit easier.

Laundry Tips 1: Stop the pilling, pilling usually happens when you launder towels with your regular clothes. Towels are typically made with terry fiber and when it rubs up against other clothing during your wash and dry cycles some of the terry fabric comes off and forms little balls known as pilling.
Simply separate the towels from your other laundry and this will stop.

Laundry Tips 2: Rewash stinky laundry. Have you over forgot to take the laundry out of the washer and left it overnight only to open the washer door and be overwhelmed but is stinky odor? Well it’s happened all of us and that stinky odor is bacteria turning into mold. The good news is this is an easy fix, simply rewash using a half cup of vinegar with the water as hot as your clothes will allow. Then wash again using baking soda and your normal wash detergent and dry as normal.

Laundry Tips 3: use lavender oil in your laundry to keep mold from building up if you do forget it in the washer for an extra day, lavender oil has mold defying properties and will make your’s clothes smell great in the meantime.

Laundry Tips 4: Does your washing machine stink? Well it could be as simple as you using too much laundry detergent, if you have a high-efficiency machine cut back on the amount of detergent that you’re using. Always leave your washing machine door open when you’re not using it to allow air to circulate, mold will only grow and damp dark areas, allowing air to evaporate from your washing machine will keep it dry and mold free.

Well we hope these laundry tips help make this chore a little more bearable, if you feel that you need a break call HomePros and will gladly do your laundry for you.