Disgusting Case Of Child Abuse Releases New Details

New details of two young girls age 6 and 3 I merge in a very disturbing child abuse case. the girls were discovered by a babysitter inside furniture boxes with numerous broken bones in a basement room of an Edmonton townhouse. https://goo.gl/yaGjHw

Edmonton City Staff Feel Bullied & Discriminated Against 

If a staff member of the city of Edmonton feels bullied or discriminated against they can now call on an independent firm for help. the city has hired Deloitte After an audit report the shows the cities corporate culture needed a third party I handle all the complaints. As many as 1 and 5 employees feel discriminated against or harassed according to a 2016 survey. https://goo.gl/QdXnk9

City Police Tell Edmontonions That The Streets Are Not Mario Cart

News For January 12, 2018A level of frustration was probably reached yesterday with the city police issuing a statement on their Twitter account the Edmonton is “not a level in Mario Kart” Edmonton Police Service went on to quote characters of the hugely popular racing game from Nintendo  with quotes such as “ and if you slip off the road, a Koopa won’t lift your vehicle and put it back on the track within seconds. It’s about safety, patients, and planning. Let’s all stay safe and warm today”. https://goo.gl/AcP4nC

Oilers Vs. Coyotes Tonight

It’s game day Oilers fans, the Edmonton Oilers will travel Phoenix today to face the Arizona Coyotes. The Oilers have only 10 regulation goals in their last eight games and have definitely been in a huge slump since the Christmas break losing 8 of those 10 games. Maybe tonight is the night that the Oilers have a Breakout game against bottom of the league Arizona. https://goo.gl/veAVkS

Edmonton Maybe To Submit Bid For FIFA 2026

Edmonton is throwing its hat into the bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup or at least we’re scheduled to discuss participating in the bid. It is estimated that the winning City will bring in a $170 million US dollars of economic impact. https://goo.gl/2PnHNn

Trump Calls African Countries and Haiti “Shitholes”

Once again Donald Trump puts his foot in the mouths of Americans is he described African nations and Haiti as “shithole” countries and slams the idea of restoring protections for immigrants from those regions. https://goo.gl/qt8jvZ

Canada and US At Odds Over China?

It seems like Canada in the United States does not agree when it comes to the guest list of the North Korea Summit that is hosted in Vancouver next week. The US state department told journalists that China was not invited Press secretary Adam Austen of Canada said: “ We hope they will attend”. https://goo.gl/RG8CHX

Tim’s Raises Some Prices 

Tim Hortons has confirmed that some of their breakfast items are going to be going up in price slightly, this follows the minimum wage hike in Ontario but has caused so much controversy against the giant restaurant chain. It was released earlier this week that the minimum wage hike would cost the average Tim Hortons an additional $243,000 each year. https://goo.gl/RChTGS