Call Home Pros Laundry Service And Take The Day Off !


Laundry Service – Every day we seem to get busy in our professional lives or our domestic lives taking the kids to school after school activities such as sporting events or music lessons.

All these extra activities make it nearly impossible to achieve some of the necessary chores for day-to-day living. Well Home Pros is here to help,
With our convenient pick up and drop off laundry services. We provide washing and folding or ironing and starching it’s your call.

Do you have some special soft contents like pillows or a comforter that you would like cleaned but not sure if they can be included with normal laundry service? Just give us a call, our super large capacity machines can handle all types of soft contents not normally capable of being cleaned.

Follow the simple steps below for stress free laundry service

1. Call to schedule your laundry service pickup.
2. We will pick up your laundry at the time and place you designate.
3. Optional – Bring to one of our locations including Gregoire or MacDonald Island Park
5. Your order will be delivered the next day.
6. All items are weighed when picked up, after packaging and before delivery.

  • Next day or same day service
  • Soil separate all clothes with like colors
  • Inspect pockets for misc items
  • Inspect garments for treatable stains
  • All loads washed separately
  • Wash with professional detergents
  • Special detergents for children’s clothing on request
  • All clothes dried on warm setting unless otherwise specified
  • Professionally fold and package all pieces
  • Clothes on hangers by request
  • $1.95 / lb Next Day Service
  • $50.00 additional charge for Same Day service
  • $12.50 Trip Charge (Each Way)
  • 25lb minimum on all orders
  • Comforters (twin,full,queen): $14.99
  • Comforters (king): $19.99
  • Mattress Pad: $5.99
  • Hangers: $2.50 / 10 items

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