Gutters are another unsung hero of your house, they go to work day or night, 365 days a year whenever the skies open up and pour down on us. Chances are pretty good that you will not even notice the gutters as long as they are working correctly. This changes very fast when things go wrong, all of a sudden they can become a top priority.

What are the functions of rain gutters?

When it rains your roof is a big target and gets lots of rainfall that must be directed away from the house, and this is the main function of the house’s gutter system. A house without gutters would see the waterfall to the ground right beside the house where large pools of water would gather and then seep into the soil and down to the foundation of the house, over time this action eats away at the foundation and will eventually see the foundation fail and allow water into the basement.

While having water run havoc on your foundation it is not the only problem caused by the rain runoff. Water can run down the side of the home and if it has any chances to get into the house through cracks it will where it can mould and mildew problems, electrical problems, damaged ceilings, and much more. 

Gutter cleaning in Stony Plain & Spruce Grove

Keeping your gutters clean is a very important part of yearly maintenance that is going to keep your property protected from water damage. It is a messy job and can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and you are not skilled at working from ladders, but it is something that can be looked after by the homeowner. If you want to skip the frustration of cleaning the gutters give us a call in Stony Plain or Spruce Grove and we will happily come by and give you a free estimate.


If your gutters look like these customers then it is past time to give us a call to take care of this for you.