Wetaskiwin Furnace Cleaning – How often should I get my home furnace cleaned?

Wetaskiwin Furnace CleaningWetaskiwin Furnace Cleaning – This is a difficult question to answer without knowing your exact situation if you have a fairly new home and the furnace and ductwork we’re clean right after Construction then you might be able to wait up to 3 years.  But if your home was never cleaned after it was built then it should be done right away, contractors use your furnace fan to help heat the home and dry out the drywall during the construction phase, this leads to a lot of dust and debris throw your ductwork and in your furnace.

If you have an older home and have never had the furnace system cleaned before then it is definitely time. Your furnace needs to be clean to work efficiently and safely. A dirty furnace will mean that you’re wasting money by allowing the furnace to operate less efficiently than it should, this is especially true if you have a furnace that is newer maybe the last 10 years. The reason is a newer furnace is going to have a condensing coil located above the furnace fan, this coil gets clogged with dust and will make your furnace perform much less effectively.

If your home has small children and pets then it is going to be a very active place and require duct cleaning a little more often then a home that only has two out of occupants for instance. Children and pets tend to bring a lot more dust and debris from the outside into the home.


What is the furnace cleaning process?

The service can be performed effectively in a few ways but the one thing that is always consistent is it needs to be a source removal method. This means the technicians are going to use equipment and tools to physically remove all the dirt, allergens, debris, dust, and bacteria from your ductwork. they do this by using either a portable vacuum system which is quite large about the size of your home’s refrigerator or a truck mount vacuum system which is incredibly powerful. Most professional companies in the Furnace Cleaning industry are going to use a truck-mounted system if it is possible and if they can afford that equipment. besides a high-velocity vacuum system the technicians are going to require high-pressure air, if the technicians are using a portable system they will have a separate air compressor for the job if the technicians are using a truck mount vacuum system it is likely that the air compressor will be built into the truck mount system as well.

Your HVAC system is put under negative pressure using the vacuum, this allows the technicians to go around your house to every event both Supply and return using high-pressure air, Viper whip systems and skip lines to thoroughly clean all dust and debris from your ductwork system.

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