How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Dryer vent cleaning is a very important part of yearly home maintenance. Dryer vents should be cleaned and inspected at least once per year in most families homes, this will depend on the length of the dryer vent and the amount of laundry that you do. 

Why should I have my dryer vent cleaned annually?

Dryer vent lint is extremely flammable and when your dryer does not have the ability to exhaust all the lint the outside it builds up in the dryer venting causes air flow blockages It can burn out your heating element or, it can even cause a house fire. 

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When should I have my dryer vent cleaned? 

If your clothes are taking more than one drying cycle to completely dry then you might have air flow blockages, or if the dryers external cabinet is hotter than usual and make sure to check the vent. Many new dryers today will be fitted with an air flow sensor that will tell the homeowner that it is time have the dryer vent cleaned. 

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Can I clean the dryer vent myself? 

Yes, of course you can clean the dryer vent yourself oh, there are kits available at most hardware stores and you only need a few basic tools such as; An air compressor, Shop-Vac, a flexible brush with extendable rods that will reach the entire length of the dryer vent exhaust. 

Make sure that you start by visually inspecting the dryer vent at the termination point on the outside of your house, it is quite common for rodents, or Birds to build a nest here due to the warmth.  after you have cleared away any obstructions your next step would be to use your extendable brushes and insert it all the way down the dryer venting oh, this is typically done using a store-bought kit and a cordless drill. You can also take your air compressor with wand and from the inside blow through the vent trying to remove any remaining lint to be outside of the house, you do need a fairly strong compressor to accomplish this.

Wait, you are not done yet. Once the dryer vent is completely cleared of all obstructions it’s now time to clean behind the dryer, the floor under the dryer and the cabinet at the back of the dryer. if there is lint buildup in this area it will get drawn into the vent causing further clogs. 

If all this sounds like too much work then you can call us in and we can clean your dryer vent professionally using specialized tools look at this job done right. 

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