How to care for your carpets

How to care for your carpets how to vacuum carpet correctlyEver wonder how to care for your carpets like a professional? There are many tips and tricks professional carpet cleaners will use to make your carpet look like new, but there are a few things that you can do to keep your carpet in good condition and clean. Performing the simple tasks will make your carpet last much longer and look great.

How to vacuum your carpet

Most people think vacuuming the carpet is a pretty basic task, and they are right it is but there is a proper technique that you should follow. The biggest mistake that people make is that they do not vacuum the carpets often enough, your carpets should be vacuumed at least once per week, high traffic areas such as hallways even more often.

Slow your roll, almost everybody I have ever watched vacuuming the carpet goes way too fast. You need to allow the backing cleaner time to suck up all the dirt and debris that is embedded deep into its fibers. This is doubly true if you have a plush carpet versus a low pile carpet.

Use baking soda when vacuuming your carpet to remove odors. I like to use a combination of bacon soda with a couple of drops of a scented essential oil. It doesn’t matter what the scent is, whatever you like, but make sure that you sprinkle baking soda mixture onto your carpet about 15 to 20 minutes before you vacuum. Give the mixture time to trap the odors in. Or you can use an all-time favorite Arm & Hammer

Reacting to spills and carpet stains quickly

One of the best stain removal techniques is speed, you need to act quickly when something is built onto a carpet and not allow it to soak in. You don’t always have to be a stain removal expert to get rid of the carpet stain, simply taking a clean white towel and soaking up whatever you spilled is going to go long ways towards removing the stain. Make sure that you only blot the stain do not rub back-and-forth this will counteract your efforts. After you soak up as much of the stain is possible you can treat it using a commercial carpet stain remover or start with soda water. The carbonation in the soda water will help bubble up the stain and bring it to the surface where can be easily soaked up with a white towel.

Your carpets will require professional deep cleaning once in a while.

Overtime as we walk over our carpets, we will grind during debris deep into the fibers that are going to need the attention of a professional carpet cleaning company or at least the rental of a steam cleaner. After your carpet is being cleaned make sure not to walk on it until it is fully dried, this can take anywhere is from 1 to 4 hours depending on the methods used. If it takes longer to dry then this there might be special circumstances were not enough water was extracted during the cleaning.

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