Looking for a better mousetrap? Have you ever considered the rolling log mouse trap?

We’ve all heard the phrase “build a better mousetrap”, Well, that’s exactly what these guys did. If you have a high volume of mice or a mouse infestation and need to get rid of them quickly, this might be your best option.

Continuous Capture Mousetrap

Unlike a single no strap that you have to reset after every kill, this most trap can catch 100 mice easily without ever having to be reset. Sound too good to be true, well it’s not. It’s the five-gallon bucket Rolling mousetrap. It is a continuous capture log roller, mice will crawl up a few boards to the top of the five-gallon bucket and then step onto the rolling log mechanism so that they can get the treat located in the middle of the log. Once they step onto the log it rolls, tossing the most end of the five-gallon bucket which is partially filled with water so the mouse drowns.

Humane mouse trap

If you want to take the more Humane approach, you can partially fill the bucket with sand on the bottom or wood chips. this makes it so the most cannot jump out of the top of the bucket because they cannot generate enough energy to propel them self over the edge. Now that you have a bucket full of live mice you can take them to a suitable location and set them free in the woods instead of your house or Barn. Some people will take live captured mice and sell them to a local pet shop the deals in reptiles. This is a great way to make a small side income off of your mouse infestation.

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The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap – Perfect Kill / No Kill Trap for Mice Rats & Other Pests & Rodents

What types of Bait Does The Rolling Log Use?

Some of the favorite baits to put in the middle of the rolling log are peanut butter, barbecue sauce, regular butter, and molasses. The great thing is with the rolling log mouse trap is that the mice very rarely get any of your bait, so you don’t have to re-bait very often.

DIY mouse trap

There have been many people that have tried to make their own rolling log mouse trap using a steel rod and pop cans, some of these traps have been very successful While others not so much. At a cost of only $12.99 I don’t personally think it’s worth building my own, the rolling mouse trap Works fantastic time and time again.

No need for poisons in rodent control

One big fear that many people have when trying to control mouse infestations is when using a poison will there children or pets get into it. with the rolling log most rap there’s no need to worry about these types of things. This mouse trap is just as effective and completely safe to use and leave lying around.

Easy cleanup

This crap is incredibly easy to set up and to clean. Once you determine that you have caught enough mice with the trap, all you have to do is empty the dead mice and water into a field. There’s no other mess to clean up, you simply fill the bucket with a little bit of water again re-bait the Trap and you’re good to go.  If you’re using the Humane method the only thing that I would change is putting the lid back on the five-gallon bucket before I transport it to a field, you don’t want the mice jumping out too close to home.  Once again all you have to do is dump out the mice in the sand from the bottom take it back to where you want the trap to be set up and you’re good to go.

Compared to other rolling mouse traps

I really like the design of this model, most rolling log mouse traps work on the same principle, the real innovation in this one is the small hooks the clip over the side of your 5-gallon bucket. there’s no need for drilling holes in the bucket with this model. To set it up all you need to do is place the rolling log into these custom hooks, put a 2 x 4 leading up to the rolling log at the edge of the bucket on both sides, partially fill the bucket with either sand, sawdust, or water. put some bait in the middle of the rolling log and you are ready to catch mice.

All you need to supply is a five-gallon bucket, sand, sawdust or water. The kit comes with everything else and will be ready to go in about 5 minutes.

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