Carpet Cleaning Alergy Suffers


carpet cleaning alergy suffersWhile carpets are an amazing decorative option and can keep the home insulated in winter, many homeowners instead opt for wood flooring or other options which do not require Carpet Cleaning alergy suffers.

However, new studies show that far from increasing allergens, carpets could actually serve as a filter to reduce potential allergy triggers.

People with allergies will want to regularly treat themselves to Carpet Cleaning in order to rid their house of dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that could irritate their condition.

New research presented at the International Conferences on Indoor Air and Climate showed that carpeting which was maintained using Racine Industries’ HOST Dry Extraction scheme helped to reduce the number of airborne particles and allergens, thereby improving air quality in the home.

Carpet Cleaning Alergy Suffers

The research showed that while Carpet Cleaning involving a vacuum managed to remove some of the mite allergens from the carpet, material that receives treatment with the HOST system contains fewer such substances.

Fritz Rench, chief executive of the company, commented: “Research confirms that hard floors make it much easier for these particulates to redistribute into the indoor air where carpet acts like a filter, securing the particulates. Much like you would change the air filter in your car or furnace, you simply need to clean your carpet to remove the particulates.”

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