handing cashHiring Contractors For Cash:

Hiring contractors: We have all been there, hiring a contractor for cash to come fix a door, mow the lawn or replace the furnace, we do this to save a few dollars in taxes or the contractor charges less because they don’t have the overheads of the registered companies that do have to pay for insurance, WCB and local business licences.

Here are the top three reasons to reconsider this choice:

  1. The home owner is not required to carry WCB but if they hiring contractors under the table and that person is hurt on their property and they don’t carry workers compensation of their own the home owner can be held responsible and would have to take up the matter with their private insurance.
  2. Most manufactures will not warranty their products if installed by unqualified contactors, especially if you can’t provide a dated receipt of their product being installed.
  3. If a company is asking to be paid under the table it could mean that they do not have the proper business licences and have not taken out critical work permits for your property. If the work is not completed properly or has not been approved by the municipality it would be your responsibility as the home owner to have it corrected or removed at your expense and you might even face fines.

Bottom line as  home owners we are always looking for ways to save money on our property but hiring contractors for cash is not the right way to do it, it might save you some money upfront but can cost you much more in the long run with costly repairs, medical bills or the safety of your family.

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