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Rogers Place is to be the future home of the Edmonton Oilers. The arena will seat 18,647 people while keeping 9000 of the seats in the lower bowl close to the action. The new seating options are pretty cool and fit most budgets, some of the premium seating will include:

4100 club access seats, 56 suites, 24 many suites, and 1116 loge seats.

Loge seating is a new concept for the Edmonton arena. Low seating is a concept or 4 to 6 people purchase a table that has access to the buffet, beverage services and other amenities during the game or event.

The Edmonton Arena will be filled with new amenities including one full-service restaurant, one concession point for every 88 spectators their arena will hold, bistro bars that have a view of the event floor, many retail locations throughout the arena,multiple clubs throughout the Edmonton arena, media interview rooms at the event level and many other cool amenities.

Edmonton Arena to be technology leader

Rogers place claims to be the most technologically enabled sporting facility in all of North America, and they’ve signed the telecommunication sponsorship deal with the Oilers for 13 years. The Edmonton arena will have high-speed Wi-Fi and when combined with your smart phone will give you the tools to find short concession and washroom lineups, it’ll also give you interactive apps for hockey fans and concertgoers alike.

As most hockey games the scoreboard is the center of attention outside of the game itself and at Rogers Place it will be no different, the scoreboard will feature super high definition LED screens broadcasting all the action from the event or hockey game.

Edmonton Arena District

Rogers place will be located and what is to be known as the Edmonton arena District, it will be the premier sporting and entertainment destination in downtown Edmonton with tons of local restaurants and bar choices.

There’s already been a boost of new construction surrounding the Edmonton arena, there be many new restaurants and retail spaces that will revitalize the downtown core of our city.

Being located in downtown Edmonton excess ability was at the forefront when designing Rogers place, easy access through LRT, pedestrian walkways and ample parking with 11,800 parking spots in the surrounding Edmonton Arena District it will be much easier to get to an event or hockey game.

Rogers Place is Green and LEED Certified

Not only is Rogers place technologically advanced but it is also a green building, it will be the first leed silver certified NHL facility in Canada. Are city is committed to being green and is set rules in place that mandate all new buildings including the Edmonton arena must be leed silver certified at a minimum.

Well I am going to miss Rexall place as it’s been a staple in Edmonton for many years and is hosted one of the best hockey franchises the NHL has ever seen, I am very excited to go watch a hockey game in the new Edmonton arena Rogers place.

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