Edmonton Braces For The Upcoming Wage Increase

Minimum Wage ChartLocal Edmonton companies weigh in on the upcoming minimum wage increase to $15 an hour in October as tempers flare in Ontario when their minimum wage increased to $14 on January 1st. The effects on local business are going to be dramatic, if you took a small staff of 4 people working a 40-hour week shift and you increase their hourly wage buy a $1.40 per hour That is an increase of $896 per week or $46,592 per year on a labor increase alone. Small businesses are already being strained from the recent carbon tax as suppliers add on new service fees to cover their costs. https://goo.gl/jHUpS4

Local Family Still Holding Out Hope For Safe Return Of Loved One

The family of a local woman who went missing still holds out hope that she will return soon. Nadia Atwi, 32 went missing on December 8th the search began that day and continues to this day, but so far their efforts haven’t been answered. It’s like she just vanished says Nadia’s family. https://goo.gl/cWwkuZ

Unemployment Rates Drops Slightly In Edmonton

Things are looking up in Edmonton for Increase jobs, Alberta seen 26000 new jobs mostly full-time created And the unemployment rate dropped to 7.5% from 7.8% the previous month. Alberta still hasn’t fully recovered from the collapse in the oil industry in 2015 but the latest reports show we are moving in the right direction. https://goo.gl/tJ3Npb

Struggling Oilers 

The slump continues for the Edmonton Oilers And say lost 521 to the Dallas Stars on Saturday and then 24 hours later they lost 4 to 1 to the Chicago Blackhawks. Their record in the last 7 games is 1-5-1,  not an Oilers fans were expecting at the start of the season in the glimmer of hope that we had a few weeks ago has been all but extinguished. https://goo.gl/Xg3S3X

Adopt-A-Teen A Success For 2017

Once again the spirit of giving took hold in Edmonton just days before Christmas when the Edmonton Adopt-A-Teen made a plea for help. There were still 981 teens That would still not receive anything But upon hearing this Edmontonians came to the rescue. adopt a teen tries to help out 7800 teens with $50 Walmart gift card, after their plea for help and the final tally came in there was enough money to provide a gift for 8801 teens. https://goo.gl/9MS8v2

Oil Tanker Burning Now Threating To Explode – Crew Still Missing

It is really on the oil tanker that is burning off the coast of China is at risk of exploding.  After colliding with another freighter off of China’s Coast the oil tanker caught fire And is now at risk of exploding. None of the 32 crew who have been missing since late Saturday have been found. The other freighter involved in the Collision was carrying grain from the United States to China and all members of its 21 crew were rescued. https://goo.gl/ya5o5h

Golden Globes – Oprah’s Speech Is Moving

Once again Oprah Winfrey Rises to the top with a moving, emotional speech but declared the reign of abusive men was coming to an end ”their time is up!”  Her speech brought the crowd to their feet with a standing ovation multiple times. https://goo.gl/i8pL6W

Samsung introduces 146″ Modular TV

It’s CES week in Vegas so you’re going to hear about a lot  of cool and upcoming technology, and Samsung is not getting left out of the picture. Samsung introduced its new 146 in modular TV with micro LED technology. They say that it has no restriction to size, resolution or form. They’re calling it an 8K AI technology and it will be launched in the second half of 2018. https://goo.gl/jKaS5H