Extending through north-central Alberta towards the borders of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, the Wood Buffalo region ranks, through the region, among the largest municipalities in North America.

Set in the boreal woodland in the confluence of 4 streams, Fort McMurray, the largest city within the Wood Buffalo region is an exciting neighborhood full of history and lifestyle with limitless opportunities for distinctive as well as memorable experiences.

This is a location immersed in pure beauty wherever property, the sky as well as water meet to supply unequaled vacation possibilities. Kayak the actual traditional journey and industry paths then earlier trappers and people, explore the actual fine sand dunes, backpack the trails, fish the actual perfect clear seas associated with Northern Alberta, look within amazement at the Aurora Borealis or even join a learning tour from the Athabasca Oil Sands, a truly as well as amazing organic resource.

Fort McMurray region has a lot to offer, an exciting neighborhood, distinctive history, incredible outside adventure, scan through the actual pages of our manual beneath or even download a duplicate.


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