Fort McMurray Carpet CleaningWhy you hire a Fort Mcmurray carpet cleaning:

Wow this was a really dirty carpet to clean but prespraying with redline and then going to work This Fort Mcmurray carpet cleaning was able to pull the dirt out and save the home owner from having to replace the carpet in this rental property. Some times when renting your apartment you run the risk of getting a bad tenent like this client did, the carpet was looking beyond repair but by hiring a professional carpet cleaner this home owner was able to only have to pay for a carpet cleaning vs. replacing the entire carpeted area of this apartment. The cost to replace was much more then the damage deposit the home owner collected from their tenent but hiring a professional carpet cleaner from Home Pros Group was covered by the damage deposit.

Professional Fort McMurray Carpet Cleaning

For a professional fort mcmurray carpet cleaner call Home Pros! Our carpet cleaners are trained with a  PCD “professional cleaning degree” they understand the needs and requirements for Fort McMurray carpet cleaning. Fort McMurray has some special requirements when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, the bitumen in our soil create unique challenges that other carpet cleaners do not face.

We use a special pre-spray called redline that is especially good at removing bitumen from carpet, as well as regular dirt. Combine this with her high-powered Truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment and then you’ll have what it takes to provide quality service for Fort McMurray carpet cleaning.

Home Pros provide service for both residential clients and camp services. Our staff and company have the proper safety and insurances that allow us to work at almost all oilfield camps in the region. Call Home Pros today for a free estimate on Fort McMurray Carpet Cleaning.


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