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Computer technical difficulties and a bogged down internet connection made for an exciting day 2 of the Fort McMurray Trade Show. We actually had to resort to the old fashioned way of doing things for a while – pen and paper. But fear not, everyone who wanted to register for our Crack the Code $100,000.00 giveaway was entered.

Fort McMurray Trade Show Day 2

The weather, as promised, was beautiful, as was the crowd. 6000 people were expected for day 2 and I’m pretty sure they all showed up and brought a few of their friends with them.

The response we have been getting from people has been phenomenal. Numerous people, wanting to take advantage of our show special pricing, have booked furnace and carpet cleaning jobs with us filling up our schedule for the next few weeks. The launch of our maid service division is being met with the level of interest we could have only dreamt about.

Anthony, our division manager for maid and janitorial services, is going to be busy for the next several weeks doing estimates and creating custom cleaning packages.

Fort McMurray Trade Show Crack the Code

No big winners yet in our Crack the Code event, but our daily winner for Saturday was Velvet MacGillivary. Velvet won a carpet cleaning package valued at $500.00.

Congratulations Velvet!

Fort McMurray Trade Show Kids Forever

Our running tally of donations for Kids Forever at the end of Day 2 is $917.88. Thank you very much for the generosity of all those who donated.

With all the kinks ironed out and the computer and internet issues resolved, we expect Day 3 to finish with a bang. Make sure you get down to the show for your last chance to be the big winner and to take advantage of our show specials.

Day three if the Fort McMurray trade show will bring our final daily prize and hopefully someone will crack the code!

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