I’d really like to, and if you come see me at the Ft. McMurray Spring Trade Show I might do just that.

That’s right! It’s that time of the year again. The Spring Trade Show is one of the biggest events held in Ft. McMurray all year. Last year over 25,000 people jammed the halls at McDonald Island and this year promises to be even grander.

Home Pros has pulled out all the stops this year. We’ve taken over four booths in Hall B. We have a thirty-foot backdrop showing how our unique dual service truck can clean your furnace and carpet in one visit. We’re bringing a furnace with see through ducting attached so you can see how the equipment cleans the inside of your system.

Speaking of the equipment, come by to see the robotic duct cleaning demonstrations we will be running throughout the show.

Our security and home automation specialists  will be on hand to show the capabilities of our internet-controllable security and home automation systems. Sit back in our living room (that’s right, we’re bringing a living room with us) and watch live video feeds, turn lights on and off or just dim them to set the mood. All with just a few mouse clicks.

Also, we are very excited, and if it’s ok for me to say, just a little bit proud to be unveiling our newest service at this year’s show. Our maid service division is going to take the cleaning world by storm. How do you feel about cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen, bathroom, floors, windows, you name it, without any chemicals? Pretty good I bet.

A lot of companies claim to be “green” with the products they use and we commend them for that. But people have sensitivities to even all-natural products. Besides, with all the scents we are bombarded with each day, it just doesn’t make sense to add any more at home. Come by our booth to see the technology we have that will put an end to the need for nasty cleaning products.

Wow, there’s so much going on, what else can I tell you? We will be making a draw each day for one of our premium services – each a $500.00 value. There are more goodies, equipment, technology, demonstrations and discounts at our booth and of course, the $100,000.00 cash giveaway.

What’s the catch you may be asking? There isn’t one. Here’s how it works:

1. Register at our booth (#523) located in the hallway outside of Hall B at the Spring Trade Show at McDonald Island.

2.You will be given a ballot that you can bring with you to our booth located at 166, 167, and 168 in Hall B.

3. Surrender your ballot to one of our associates

4. You will be given an opportunity to enter a 7-digit number of your choosing into a 10-digit keypad on our “Crack the Code” vault.

5. If your number is the mystery number, there will be lights and sirens and screaming and crying and you instantly become $100,000.00 richer.

6. If yours is not the correct number, you will be given a opportunity to make a donation to Kid’s Forever (we’ll supply the collection box). The donation can be as small as whatever change you have in your pocket or as large as whatever you are comfortable with. Do this and you will be given a second opportunity to enter a code into the keypad (I’d recommend choosing a different 7-digit number than your first attempt, but that’s just me).

7. If you win see step five. If not, we encourage you to spend some time exploring the rest of our booth and chatting with our service specialists.

8.  Also, your ballot enters you in the daily draws for one of our premium services.

All of the official rules of the contest can be found here please have a read.

Lastly, before I close out this post, I want to add that we were so confident we would make somebody $100,000.00 richer this weekend that we took out special insurance for a second draw for $100,000.00 if the first one is won.

How do you like me now?

So bring your brother, your neighbour, best friend, cousin, whomever you want. There’s your prize and then there’s one for them too.

Keep checking back here, I will be posting updates as the festivities unfold.

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