Wind Farm

South of Calgary there is a  large wind farm, these wind farms can be found around the globe in huge numbers, this made me  wonder how many birds these giant wind farms destroy daily.

I understand the charge is $300,000 for each duck with regard to Syncrude. If your duck is worth $300,000 that definitely an eagle must be really worth, exactly what, 10 times the duck? So every eagle would be really worth $3 million, a good owl maybe a little less, state $1.5 million. From the statement I just read from someplace in Texas, a wind plantation all but wiped out the total populace of a rare bird species. What exactly is that really worth?

Please do not take this as meaning I don’t worry about the actual ducks from Fort McMurray, however I know where you can find hundreds to replace those. The eagles as well as owls do not reproduce at nearly the rate ducks do. Honestly, one eagle may be worth 100 times, or even a thousand times greater than a duck.

Wind turbines destroy thousands of birds every day of the year and we listen to nothing about them. It is about time that we start to get balanced information confirming the impact of all energy manufacturing. I additionally realize individuals residing near wind farms display numerous unusual ailments.

What about the full disclosure from the real price, rather than a whitewash from the so-called green energy resources, since they’re really red using the blood of birds.

Fort McMurray


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