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dryer vent fort mcmurrayThe Dryer Vent Cleaning Fort McMurray has got the solution for sluggish clothes dryers. Elevated drying out time is among the most typical problems Home Pros Group encounters with dryer vent cleaning.

One recent customer was fed up with waiting over two hrs for any load of laundry to dry. She was prepared to replace her clothes dryer, but fortunately, she called Home Pros Group first. “There was lots of warmth being created through the dryer,” stated Ken McQuillan, who owns Home Pros Group of Fort McMurray. “I observed that immediately after i joined them in the laundry room. It had been just like a sauna inside.”

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Fort McMurray was very acquainted with this case. Ken understood there is an ventilation blockage, so he switched from the dyer and pulled it out from the wall to research. He found a classic flexible foil dryer duct crushed behind the dryer having a large tear permitting lint to amass and result in a mess.

Home Pros Group Fort McMurray

Ken advised his customer that this kind of dryer vent product is unsafe or efficient. To permit ventilation and increase performance, he would need to use a new dryer vent system made from rigid metal. “The customer was relived to possess removed a significant fire hazard and she was happy she was not on her way out to replace her dryer,” stated McQuillan.

On his way to avoid it, Ken reminded the client to possess regular dryer vent cleaning service carried out to keep her new dryer vent system. “Even the most effective dryer vent system must be cleaned periodically for the utmost safety and efficiency,” stated McQuillan. “There isn’t any such factor like a maintenance-free dryer vent system.”

Fort McMurray Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips

Ken McQuillan provides professional dryer vent services while educating his clients on the significance of dryer vent cleaning and proper maintenance. He recommends his clients to determine the dryer vent outdoors frequently to be certain it’s function correctly. “When the dryer is running you need to have the ability to begin to see the exhaust from the vent. Once the dryer isn’t running, the vent ought to be closed.”

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