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Do you ever wonder if you heard your front door or garage open and then begin to panic that someone is in the house? Or, maybe you’re the parent of young children and worry that they may have slipped out of the house unsupervised. With an entry alert installed at your front door, back door or garage, you can be notified each time someone enters or exits the house.

Use Entry Alert to Greet Visitors or Warn of Intruders

A wireless entry alert has a small transmitter that mounts to any door and a portable receiver that plugs into any electrical outlet. When the door is opened, a signal is sent to the receiver and the person’s arrival (or departure) is announced by a musical tune or chime to greet visitors. Seniors living alone (especially those with hearing impairments) will appreciate getting these notifications when visitors have come or gone.

You can also use your entry alert as an alarm to warn against intruders. Instead of hearing a tune or chime when the door opens, choose the “alarm” mode on the transmitter and it will sound an alarm alert when activated.

Keep Children Safe Using an Entry Alert

It’s nearly impossible to watch little ones every single minute. With an entry alert installed at the entrances to your home, you’ll be notified if your children open the door to go explore the great outdoors.

Use at the Shop or Office

Entry alerts are also good for business owners who want to know when customers or clients arrive or leave the shop or office. Choose an upbeat tune to welcome customers and clients. Your entry alert can do double-duty as a security device — potential intruders or thieves will be deterred when they hear the music or chime and realize that shop owner has been notified of their entrance.

Garage Alert Signals Opening and Closing

If you live in a home with an attached garage, you’ll want to know when someone enters the house through the garage, especially if it’s located at the far end of the house and out of earshot. A wireless garage alert lets you know when your garage door is opened or closed. It also gives a “door status” update so you know at a glance if someone forgot to close the garage. A garage alert operates much like an entry alert and uses a sensor/transmitter to send a signal to the remote receiver which chimes and flashes when the garage door opens.

And if your home or business has remote places like the basement, garage or upper level where you can’t normally hear the doorbell ringing, consider getting a wireless doorbell extender that connects to your existing traditional hard wired doorbell and extends where you can hear your doorbell from. It even lets you distinguish between front and back doors by adding another transmitter and is a great addition to an entry alert and garage alert.


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